Sample Job Assignments

Sample 1
You are contacted by us to go see a movie in the next few days. We provide you with a checklist.
Questions might be
1. How many people came to watch the movie?
2. Were the bathrooms clean?
3. Were the employees friendly and courteous?
4. Did the show start on time?
5. What show did you see?
6. Was the movie hall clean?

Your tickets will be paid by us and depending on the client, you may also receive other compensations such as cash, free gifts etc.

Sample 2
You are contacted by us to go out to eat at a select restaurant or fast food joint..
All you will have to do is fill out a questionnaire on your experience and return it to us
Questions might be
1. Was the restaurant clean?
2. Did you have to wait to be seated?
3. Was the waiter friendly?
4. Was the food tasty?
5. Was the food served hot ?
6. Was the food served on time?
7. Did you order dessert?
8. Will you visit the restaurant again?

Everything is paid for and you and your friend would have had a nice evening.